pair production

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pair pro·duc·tion

creation of a positron and electron, each of mass 0.511 MeV, when an incident photon of energy greater than 1.02 MeV is absorbed by matter; occurs in high-energy radiotherapy.
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In the high-energy region, the photons have been absorbed again because the predominant interaction process is the pair production. The EBF and EABF results of GAGCO and CMO observe sharp peaks at 20 and 60 keV which may be attributed to K-absorption edges of Mo and Gd, respectively.
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These processes include Higgs associating with T-even top partner pair production [e.sup.+][e.sup.-] [right arrow] [T.sub.+][[bar.T].sub.+]H, Higgs associating with T-odd top partner pair production [e.sup.+][e.sup.-] [right arrow] [T.sub.- ][[bar.T].sub.-]H, and Higgs associating with a top quark and a T-even top partner production [e.sup.+][e.sup.-] [right arrow] t[[bar.T].sub.+]H.
As shown in Figure 4, the charged Higgs pair production may proceed through three types of diagrams.
In particular, it is necessary to generalize the pair production threshold to the creation of a tachyonic neutrino-antineutrino pair.
When it is stretched to reach the pair production threshold, a further pair is formed, and so on [31, 32].
In Figure 1, we show the top pair production cross section times branching ratios of one top decays anomalously into q + g and another one decays leptonically (electron and muon) as well as the top pair production cross section times the branching ratios of both tops decay anomalously into q + g.