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Two objects considered together because of similarity, for a common purpose, or because of some attracting force between them.


Two of anything similar in shape, size, and conformation.

base pair

In the double-stranded helical arrangement of DNA, the complementary purine-pyrimidine nucleotide bases (adenine-thymidine or guanine-cytosine) that are linked by weak chemical bonds. The order of these base pairs encode the genetic information in each segment of DNA.

ion pair

Two particles of opposite charge, usually an electron and a proton.
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Punters who latched on to Time N Tide and Dukes Again were proved right as the race rested between the pair off the second bend.
The pieces may part company altogether, collide and merge, or pair off in orbit around each other.
Both have since brought another girl into the world and proudly saw this pair off to St Gregory's Primary School in Chorley, Lancs.
RORY McILROY hogged the headlines going into day one but it was Northern Irish pal Graeme McDowell who got the pair off to a flier by winning the first.
He dropped the pair off at a house in Fazakerley and called the police.
RAF Boulmer's station commander, Group Captain `Ginge' Crayford started the pair off on their adventure from North Shields ferry terminal.
THE FULL MONTY: We all remember the hit Brit film's premise: Unemployed working stiffs reclaim their self-respect by reinventing themselves as strippers--and two of them pair off romantically on the way to the flesh-toned finale.
In cells, p53 suppresses the development of tumors only when two p53 molecules pair off and quickly join with another pair, says G.
Antrim v Offaly ANTRIM and Offaly pair off for the second time in the space of a week tomorrow, though this time there's something at stake.
IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE This cool lm features Heroes star Sendhil Ramamurthy, Sanjeev Bhasjkar, Zoe Wanamaker, Mark Addy and Sally Hawkins in a story about a mum whose attempts to pair off her daughter end in serial murder.
Stewards manhandled the pair off the pitch into the arms of police and they were detained overnight before being brought to court.