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Two objects considered together because of similarity, for a common purpose, or because of some attracting force between them.
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Two of anything similar in shape, size, and conformation.

base pair

In the double-stranded helical arrangement of DNA, the complementary purine-pyrimidine nucleotide bases (adenine-thymidine or guanine-cytosine) that are linked by weak chemical bonds. The order of these base pairs encode the genetic information in each segment of DNA.

ion pair

Two particles of opposite charge, usually an electron and a proton.
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On Friday, they had beaten the pair of Alfred and Doobraz of Mauritius 2-0 and on Saturday the pair of Abdelnaeim and Shahin of Egypt 2-1.
Fast Pair makes it easier and more convenient to switch the connection of Bluetooth headphones and speakers to different devices.
Griffiths and Oliver Nolan won two rubbers out of three at third pair and super-sub Bird came in to partner Mason Recci at first pair for one rubber, beating the Staffordshire thirds 7-6 7-6.
Tailored shorts Depending on the occasion, you can choose to dress up or down in a pair of tailored shorts.
In the other ties Shepley's first pair took both sets from the opposition's third pair and with Huddersfield's second pair taking two sets from Shepley's third pair this resulted in a tied round at 3-3 leaving the overall tally at 7-5 to Shepley.
To nominate an au pair for the EurAupair Au Pair of the Year Award, the host family writes an essay explaining their experience with the au pair in question and provides supporting materials, such as pictures, and or videos.
From the other direction, father-son pair of Ghaffar Qureshi - Zulfiqar Qureshi had an edge over experienced pair of Ziaullah Baig - Hamed Mohiuddin to win the contest having 61.46 as against 60.63, just an hairline difference.
While an Au Pair's main responsibility is childcare, she will also assist with child-related household duties such as tidying the children's rooms, doing the children's laundry and helping with the cooking.
In a genetic expansion system, highly exclusive selectivity of the unnatural base pair is required for it to function as a third base pair in polymerase reactions, such as PCR amplification and transcription.
It seems that for most women nothing beats the buzz of buying a beautiful pair of shoes.
Can individual players be ranked even though they are playing as pairs? Can pairs of players be ranked or can cyclical relationships (pair A better than pair B, who is better than pair C, who is better than pair A) exist between several pairs?
The size of each contract in the EUR/INR pair would be EUR1,000.