hallux dolorosus

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 [hal´uks] (pl. hal´luces) (L.)
the great toe.
hallux doloro´sus a painful disease of the great toe, usually associated with flatfoot.
hallux flex´us hallux rigidus.
hallux mal´leus hammer toe affecting the great toe.
hallux ri´gidus painful flexion deformity of the great toe with limitation of motion at the metatarsophalangeal joint.
hallux val´gus angulation of the great toe toward the other toes of the foot.
hallux va´rus angulation of the great toe away from the other toes of the foot.
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hal·lux do·lo·ro·'sus

a condition, usually associated with flatfoot, in which walking causes severe pain in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the great toe.
Synonym(s): painful toe
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hal·lux do·lo·ro·sus

(hal'ŭks dō-lō-rō'sŭs)
A condition, usually associated with flatfoot, in which walking causes severe pain in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the great toe.
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hallux dolorosus

Pain in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the great toe resulting from flatfoot.
See also: hallux
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Last night's postponement gives them just a little breathing space: time to accelerate Lacina Traore and Romelu Lukaku's recovery from injury, time to allow Ross Barkley more time to ease his painful toe, time to allow Mirallas to stretch his tired legs - the Belgian is unlikely to be on the bench again on Sunday.
The report mentioned that Hewitt was told to retire from the sport but opted to undergo a painful toe surgery where a metal plate was inserted in his foot in an effort to extend his career.
The patient had a blue painful toe rather than a painful toe.
"My preparations were hindered as I damaged my toe on the first day of training in Monaco and I had to compete with an extremely painful toe which affected my road running.
On one trek, Botham was told that his painful toe would necessitate pulling out of the project.
She played a nervous young dancer, backstage, who keeps adjusting her painful toe shoe and falling out of pirouettes as she anticipates her auspicious first entrance.
Both ViscoGEL items deliver a time-release mineral oil to help moisturize, soften and soothe painful toe irritations.
One patient who limped into hospital with a painful toe, left A&E 15 minutes later to visit the onsite bak-bakery.
Lukaku, 21, has been hampered by a painful toe injury in recent weeks, but Mirallas reckons his compatriot is on the mend and set to shine now he's settled on Merseyside after the uncertainty of his previous loan spell.
But he is relieved to welcome back skipper Jody Morris and Craig to the starting line-up with Murray Davidson also shaking off a painful toe injury to start.
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