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The specialty that deals with the medical care of infants, children and adolescents. Paediatrics in the UK differs from the US in that is a specialty rather than primary care medicine for children, as it is generally regarded in the US and countries which follow the American model of specialisation.
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The medical speciality concerned with all aspects of childhood diseases and disorders and with the health and development of the child in the context of the family and the environment.
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Medical specialty concerned with treatment of children in health and disease through adolescence.
Synonym(s): paediatrics.
[G. pais (paid-), child, + iatreia, medical treatment]
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Q. How can I prevent baby caries? Hi, I’m pregnant on my 34 week and my older son had baby caries, I would like to prevent that this time.

A. You can buy or sometimes get from your dentist a special toothpaste for infants to rub on thier teeth and gums.

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In addition, it wants to improve communication between paediatricians and their employers of the routes to obtain funding, as at present nearly 90% of consultant paediatricians do not receive grants for research.
"Every food poses a choking risk in young kids but the hot dog has just the right size and consistency to perfectly block the airway, it's the perfect plug that doesn't allow any air to get through," said Johns Hopkins Children's paediatrician Dr.
"This initiative highlights the UAE's commitment to delivering healthcare to a world class standard, and we look forward to the many future benefits this move will bring," stated Dr Alya Ahmad, official spokesperson for the AAP in the UAE and a Consultant level paediatrician at The City Hospital.
All doctors - including paediatricians - can be confident that we view each one on its merits, without fear or favour.
However, the paediatrician said yesterday that his actions had to be considered in the context that one child was killed by their parents every week in the UK.
It is these paediatricians who play such a central role in child protection work.'
There may be a few such zealots, filled with a Messianic zeal which blinds them to reason, but the vast majority of paediatricians labour tirelessly for the welfare of children.
The HIO expressed confidence that the number will be reached, saying that some paediatricians (and GPs) are still in the process of signing their contract with the organisation.
The President of the Royal College of Paediatrics, Professor Alan Craft, says: "Paediatricians are genuinely frightened."
During the discussion at the House health committee on the contracts to be given to private doctors who will register with Gesy as GPs and specialists, paediatricians raised concerns over reports that authorities would designate doctors who are not trained specially to treat children under 15.
It is certainly not what the majority of Welsh paediatricians want.Their views have been forcibly expressed through The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in Wales, including the wishes of paediatricians in West and Mid Wales.I am sure it is also what parents and patients would not want if they were to be correctly informed of the facts.
Responding to the concerns raised by the paediatricians, health minister Constantinos Ioannou said the biggest reform in the health sector could not be reversed.