packed cells

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packed cells

Etymology: ME, pakke, bundle; L, cella, storeroom
a preparation of blood cells separated from liquid plasma, often administered in severe anemia to restore adequate levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells without overloading the vascular system with excess fluids. Also called packed red blood cells. See also bank blood, component therapy, pooled plasma.

pack·ed cells

(pakt selz)
A blood product consisting of concentrated cells, most of the plasma having been removed; given to the patient who needs red blood cells but not increased fluid volume, e.g., the patient in congestive heart failure.
Synonym(s): packed red blood cells.

packed cells

, packed red blood cells,


Red blood cells that have been separated from plasma. They are used to treat conditions such as hemorrhage or symptomatic anemias that require transfusions of red blood cells but not the liquid components of whole blood. The transfusion of PRBCs in place of whole blood elevates hemoglobin levels and reduces the likelihood of fluid overload in the recipient.
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22 units of packed cells remained unutilised, as some had reactions and others did not require further transfusion.
For packed cell volume (PCV), selected flasks were incubated under conditions described earlier but without subculture.
She received a total of 18 weeks of chemotherapy with single drug paclitaxel; she also received 40 units of packed cell blood transfusion and two platelet transfusions.
During the perioperative period, a total of 18 units of packed cells, 18 units of fresh frozen plasma, 2 standard adult doses of platelets (each containing pooled platelets from 10 donors), and 2 units of cryoprecipitate were infused.
The results obtained show that the haemoglobin, the packed cells volume and the eosinophils were higher in the control than the experimental groups (Table 3).
However, since whole blood is not a product that is available for common hospital use, crystalloids and packed cells are commonly infused to treat the massively bleeding.
A strike, which would hit prisons in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend and Prescoed open jail, would force police officers off the streets to man our packed cells.
Earlier, there had been noisy disturbances from the packed cells below the court where more than 40 prisoners were held.
There is a diffuse growth of closely packed cells that appear in short interlacing fascicles (storiform, whorled, and palisaded patterns can be seen) that are richly vascularized (figure, A).
Tumor cells are distributed unevenly, with areas of densely packed cells that have tighter between-cell spaces than normal.
We identified males by the presence of a large medullary region and no distinguishable cortical area and by the densely packed cells.