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Attributed to or described by Pacini.
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The Meissner and Pacinian sensory corpuscles revisited new data from the last decade.
Strong touches, on the other hand, activate two, deeper receptors: the Pacinian and Ruffini endings.
Pacinian neurofibroma, Pacinian bodies, S-100 antibodies.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 3, 2012-Synaptics acquires Pacinian and Video Display operations of IDT(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Many encapsulated endings found in fascia are mechanoreceptors that respond to mechanical pressure or deformation, and include Golgi receptors, Pacinian corpuscles, and Ruffini's corpuscles.
On the other hand palmar skin is abundant in pacinian corpuscles and sweat glands for optimal sensibility and to provide moisture respectively1.
Researchers found that mice lacking the proper version of a protein called c-Maf have deformed Pacinian corpuscles, the vibration detectors that surround mouse bones (normal corpuscles shown here ill a mouse's leg).
When you stroke your fingers over a surface, its structure triggers high-frequency vibrations in the finger, to which specific touch receptors, the Pacinian corpuscles, respond.
Since Pacinian corpuscles and Merkel disk receptors respond to vibration and light touch (or pressure) [24], this result may suggest that the distribution of these two kinds of receptors is denser on the ventral forearm.
(11) One tumor demonstrated an association with clusters of Pacinian corpuscles with an S100 protein stain showing tumor cells in the outer layers of the corpuscles (Figure 3, c and d).