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Attributed to or described by Pacini.
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Pacinian neurofibroma, Pacinian bodies, S-100 antibodies.
Synaptics Inc (Nasdaq:SYNA), a developer of human interface solutions for mobile computing, communications and entertainment devices, announced on Thursday the acquisitions of Pacinian and the Video Display Operation of Integrated Device Technology Inc (Nasdaq:IDTI).
However, concentrations of Pacinian corpuscles (detecting deep pressure) and Ruffini's corpuscles, which responding slowly to sustained pressure and tangential forces, are thought to be present in much of separating fascia, for example, in subcutaneous tissue.
Also both areas lack hair follicles, sebaceous glands and melanocytes but are provided with abundant sweat glands and pacinian corpuscles.
In mice with deactivated c-Maf gene only few Pacinian corpuscles are formed, and moreover these few are not intact.
11) One tumor demonstrated an association with clusters of Pacinian corpuscles with an S100 protein stain showing tumor cells in the outer layers of the corpuscles (Figure 3, c and d).
It's that feel of a switch going on and off that most people are looking for," said Mike Levin, an executive with haptics startup Pacinian.
The response is quite similar to the signal variation of the Pacinian corpuscle sensory receptor in the dermis and the output is characterized by the temporal differential property.
The tip of the trunk contains two kinds pressure-sensitive nerve endings Meissner's corpuscles that detect infrasonic vibrations, and Pacinian corpuscles that respond to vibrations with slightly higher frequencies.
and joint receptors (Golgi ligament endings, Ruffini endings, Pacinian corpuscles, and free.
Other sensory receptors include free nerve endings, pacinian corpuscles, ruffini corpuscles, taste buds, hearing receptors, and smell receptors (Figure 4-7).