pacing wire

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pacing wire

Etymology: L, passus, step; AS, wir
the electrical connection between a pulse generator and a pacing electrode in a cardiac pacemaker.


1. Metal drawn out into threads of varying thickness.
2. To join fracture fragments together with wire.

arch wire

In orthodontics, a cable, usually of metal, used to apply tension to the teeth.

guide wire

A wire used to enter tight spaces (e.g., obstructed valves or channels) within the body.

Kirschner wire

See: Kirschner wire

Luque wires

See: Luque wires

pacing wire

A pacemaker electrode.

separating wire

In dentistry, a brass wire used to separate teeth before banding them.

sublaminar wire

A metal thread used to attach corrective devices to the spinal column during neurosurgery.
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An intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) was inserted and the temporary pacing wire advanced to the right ventricular apex.
For example, a significant event that may lead to the development of ACT is the removal of epicardial pacing wires.
The last presenter of the day was CDHB cardiologist and electrophysiologist Iain Melton, who talked on device therapy, such as pacemakers and pacing wires.