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pacified hamlets Villages and hamlets in which the Vietcong were said to have been eliminated.
Altamira's clients are challenged not pacified - which is something they appreciate and welcome," added Wein, who lives in Westport with his wife and two children.
Kumar also stated the officials of the Andhra Pradesh state government arrived on the scene and pacified the protestors.
Officials of the local police arrived at the scene and pacified the warring groups.
It's after World War III, and surviving humanity has been organized and pacified by an intrusive Big Brother state that keeps the plebes docile with mandatory daily doses of an emotion-suppressing drug called Prozium.
Instead of trying to pacify those who will not be pacified, the West would be better off diversifying its energy use away from oil or, failing that, seek other sources of supply, such as Russia, which has vast resources and a pressing need for the revenue it brings.