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 [pak″e-men´ingks] (pl. pachymenin´ges.)
The dura mater.
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du·ra mat·er

(dū'ră mā'tĕr), [TA]
Pachymeninx (as distinguished from leptomeninx, the combined pia mater and arachnoid); a tough, fibrous membrane forming the outer covering of the central nervous system, consisting of periosteal and meningeal dura layer and an inner part, the dural border cell layer, continuous with the arachnoid barrier cell layer.
Synonym(s): dura [TA], pachymeninx [TA]
[L. hard mother, mistransl. of Ar. umm al-jāfīyah, tough protector or covering]
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(pak'ē-mē'ningks) [TA]
The dura mater.
[pachy- + G. mēninx, membrane]
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