pacemaker output

pace·mak·er out·put

electrical energy delivered into a standard load (500 Ω resistance).
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Minute ventilation rate-responsive pacemakers (MV-PPM) use physiological monitoring to control the pacemaker output, matching heart rate to increased workload, and have the advantage of not requiring any special implantation techniques (4).
Designed to ensure patient safety, optimize device longevity and improve management of pacemaker output, the AutoCapture Pacing System monitors for capture on a Beat-by-Beat basis and provides a high output back-up safety pulse in the event of noncapture -- all the while continuously and automatically adapting output slightly above the patient's threshold.
In addition to the AF Suppression(TM) algorithm, the Integrity(R) Micro pacemaker offers the Beat-by-Beat(TM) AutoCapture(TM) Pacing System, a feature designed to optimize patient safety and device longevity through management of pacemaker output.