pacemaker lead

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pace·mak·er lead

(pās'mā-kĕr lēd)
A wire transmitting impulses from an artificial pacemaker to the heart.
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An active fixation pacemaker lead was successfully placed at the right ventricular apex with acceptable parameters (bipolar: threshold 0.
Our research focused on comparing different pacemaker lead positions in the right ventricle, regarding its influence on the functional status in the patients who had the preserved left ventricular function at the beginning of the study and also after 12 months in real life circumstances.
Cardiac pacemaker lead extraction using conventional techniques: a single centre experience.
The pacemaker lead tension can irritate the endothelial side of venous wall, especially at the site of multiple leads intersection.
Pacemaker lead that enters from SVC into the right atrium was observed to be adherent to septal leaflet of the tricuspid valve and then to extend through right ventricular apex.
Follow-up blood cultures remained negative but thrombotic material scraped from the pacemaker leads was analyzed by culture.
On appeal, Medtronic argued that the Food and Drug Administration's premarket approval for the pacemaker lead constituted a federal "requirement" that preempted state "requirements" imposed by the common law.
Tenders are invited for rate contract for supply of sheath introducer with valve set, guide wire, diagnostic angiography catheter, guiding catheter, balloon, coronary ptca wire, micro catheter, retrieval set, valvuloplasty items, ivc filter, embolization particles, micro coil for coronary perforation, embolization coil, ep products, pacemaker lead extraction device and miscellaneous items for u n mehta institute of cardiology and research centre (affiliated to b j medical college and nabh accredited) ahmed
Key statement: An implantable medical device has a medical unit, such as a pacemaker lead, and a casing at least partially enclosing the medical unit.
Polyurethanes are used as biomaterials for a variety of applications such as pacemaker lead insulators, catheters, total artificial heart, heart valves.