pacchionian depressions

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granular foveolae

pits on the inner surface of the skull, along the course of the superior sagittal sinus, in which the arachnoidal granulations are lodged.

pacchionian depressions

Small pits produced on the inner surface of the skull by protuberance of the pacchionian bodies (arachnoid villi).


Antonio, Italian anatomist, 1665-1726.
pacchionian bodies - tufted prolongations of pia-arachnoid. Synonym(s): arachnoid granulations; pacchionian corpuscles; pacchionian glands; pacchionian granulations
pacchionian corpuscles - Synonym(s): pacchionian bodies
pacchionian depressions - pits on the inner surface of the skull in which are lodged the arachnoidal granulations. Synonym(s): granular pits
pacchionian glands - Synonym(s): pacchionian bodies
pacchionian granulations - Synonym(s): pacchionian bodies