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Food or nutriment.
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A precooked infant food, a mixture of wheat, oat, and corn meals, wheat embryo, alfalfa leaves, brewers' yeast, iron, and sodium chloride.
Synonym(s): pabulum.
[L. pabulum, nourishment, fr. pasco, to nourish]
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Any substance that provides nourishment.
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While everything else was declared to be "just political speechifying," the fact is that Camus's vision for the future amounted to political pabulum.
politically-motivated, programmed pabulum. Despite that, the
So take heart, purveyors of pabulum. Because no matter how guilty you might feel, it's still possible you might be not guilty.
Just don't feed us a bowl of pabulum about how good this will be for Oregon's economy unless we can be assured that the work will be done by Oregon contractors.
For on these issues, most voters had made up their minds long ago and knew very well which candidate represented their position, which is why Bush and Gore could afford to remain silent about them, winking at their core supporters with buzz-words while courting undecided voters with pabulum about saving Medicare.
It leaves advantaged children [who get knowledge at home] with boring pabulum, and it condemns disadvantaged children to a permanent educational handicap that grows worse over time."
Secular humanists are fed up with the me-too-ism pabulum expressions of religious piety, which are often a mask for hypocrisy, injustice, and intolerance.
(CEE countries include, among others, Albania, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltics and the former Yugoslavia.) An industry that once served mostly as a government mouthpiece delivering daily doses of pabulum to the masses, the Russian media now has a free hand to go on the investigative attack.
Obviously, many Christian school students are exposed to more challenging authors than the pabulum in most public schools.
Have TV programmers awakened to a higher calling than anesthetizing us with dopey dramas and sitcom pabulum? Doubtful.
An unseen man upstairs, dishing out pabulum, approval and approbrium, entirely arbitrarily."