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A gene on chromosome 14q24.3 that encodes a leucine zipper DNA-binding FOS-type nuclear phosphoprotein, which dimerises with proteins of the JUN family to form the transcription factor complex AP1. FOS proteins regulate cell proliferation, differentiation and transformation, and may be associated with apoptosis.


A family of cancer-causing genes, first identified in viruses, that function within cells as transcription factors. Members of this family can transform normal cells (e.g., fibroblasts) into cancer cells (e.g., osteosarcomas, chondrosarcomas). See: oncogene; transformation


The name is derived from “FBJ osteosarcoma virus, ” in which these oncogenes were first identified.

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In the alleged payment guaranty and pool stuffing fraud, Gavron found that the P55 investment pool, unknown to credit union investors, contained (subprime) loans that were generally too risky to qualify to include in the credit union participation loan pools.
P55 will oversee all of the pier's programming while HRPT will maintain the park as it does all of the public piers in Hudson River Park.
The Intel P55 Express Chipset will be the baseline building block component for motherboards worldwide, delivering great new levels of performance and scalability for everyone from the retail buyer to the technically savvy do-it-yourselfer.
Intel has worked closely with Kingston on testing HyperX memory for use with the Core i5 platform and P55 chipset," said Geof Findley, Memory Ecosystem Manager, Intel.
For the PEBA series, the tensile strength and elongation to rupture of the P55 web decrease rapidly with increasing DCD.
These nine articles describe some of the work being done to differentiate markers and use their presence to detect and treat a range of cancers, addressing the characterization of breast cancer subtypes in a large retrospective study, intraocular lymphoma markers, polymorphisms in genes associated with certain T-cell lymphomas, tumor antigens that are markers of minimal residual disease in acute myeloid leukemia, thyroid tumor markers, activity and expression of dipeptidyl peptidase IV and cathepsin H in human cutaneous melanoma compared to other common cancers, melanoma inhibitory activity as a serological marker in metastic melanoma, and the promise (or myth) of the tumor necrosis factor alpha receptors p55 and p75 in ovarian cancer detection.
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An EIA for HIV was positive, and a Western blot was positive with bands present for p24, gp40, p55, and gp160.
Rehovot, Israel) has patented proteins capable of modulating or mediating the FAS receptor ligand or TNF effect on cells carrying FAS receptor or p55 receptor by binding or interacting with MORT-1 protein, which in turn binds to the intracellular domain of the FAS receptor or to another protein TRADD which binds to the p55 receptor.
The first candidate is a plasmid DNA vaccine encoding flail-length p55 gag (no poll that is delivered in saline intramuscularly with or without adjuvant-alum or a "CRL1005" polymer.
Bishop Marc Ouellet, P55 (Sulpician), 58, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity since March 2001, was appointed to succeed Archbishop Maurice Couture, 76, in November 2002.
Previously, the smallest water-cooled model was the Munchy P55 for 55 kg/hr (121 lb/hr).