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Molecular analysis shows that Ki67 expression and low cyclin D1 immuno-histological expression is linked to higher risk of recurrence in children but p27Kip1 expression and p53 over-expression is not associated with higher rate of recurrence.
CKS1B nuclear expression is inversely correlated with p27Kip1 expression and is predictive of an adverse survival in patients with multiple myeloma.
P27kip1 expression is associated with tumor response to preoperative chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer.
Slingerland, "Down-regulation of p21WAF1/CIP1 or p27KiP1 abrogates antiestrogen-mediated cell cycle arrest in human breast cancer cells," Proceedings of the National Acadamy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol.
Clone Catalogue number Dilution Ki-67 30-9 790-4286 Ready to use p21 WAF1 DCS-60.2 790-4286 Ready to use p27Kip1 SX53G8 760-4268 Ready to use Cyclin D1 SP4-R 790-4508 Ready to use Type of antibody Ki-67 Rabbit monoclonal mouse p21 WAF1 Mouse monoclonal mouse p27Kip1 Mouse monoclonal mouse Cyclin D1 Rabbit monoclonal mouse Manufacturer Ki-67 Ventana Medical Systems; Roche Group, Tucson, USA p21 WAF1 Cell Marque, Rocklin, USA p27Kip1 Ventana Medical Systems; Roche Group, Tucson, USA Cyclin D1 Ventana Medical Systems; Roche Group, Tucson, USA Table 2: The tercile analysis for low--moderate--high-grade GIST according to Ki-67 HSPR%.
FOX1 also promotes osteoblast proliferation by increasing cell cycle cyclin D1 and D2 and suppressing cell cycle inhibitor p27Kip1. Decreased FOX1 suppresses osteoblastogenesis by decreasing osterix and type 1 collagen protein levels but does not affect levels of Runx2 and Bsp (bone sialoprotein) [40].
Zhang, "Association of polymorphisms of p21cip1 and p27kip1 genes with susceptibilities of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and gastric cardiac adenocarcinoma," Chinese Journal of Cancer, vol.
Ki-67 and p27Kip1 proteins are markers related to cell proliferation in thyroid cells.
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MicroRNA-221/222 confers tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer by targeting p27Kip1. J Biol Chem 2008;283:29897-903.