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The splitting of a double bond in a hydrocarbon chain on treatment with ozone, with the formation of two carbon-containing structures, typically two aldehydes (an ozonide is the unstable intermediate); has been used to determine the structure of unsaturated fatty acids.
[ozone + G. lysis, dissolution]
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Pratt, "Hock cleavage of cholesterol-5[alpha]-hydroperoxide: an ozone-free pathway to the cholesterol ozonolysis products identified in arterial plague and brain tissue," Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol.
The ozonolysis leads to creation of superficial polar bonds, with a significant content of oxygen.
Ozonolysis was selected as the key methodology in part because it is a relatively benign process that uses a reagent found in the air, produces only oxygen as a byproduct, and is a solvent-less reaction, according to Rick Heggs, senior marketing manager at Battelle.
The mechanism of ozonolysis (Figure 1) was described by Criegee in 1975 [41].
We hypothesized that the use of full spectrum UV photolysis and ozonolysis together would result in a synergistic effect.
The research, "Effect of ozonolysis on bioconversion of miscanthus to bioethanol," was presented June 23 at the 2010 Annual International Meeting of the American Society for Agricultural and Biological Engineers in Pittsburgh, PA.
Chapters cover kinetics and mechanisms of ozone reactions with organic and polymeric compounds in the liquid phase, ozonolysis of oxygen-containing organic compounds, ozonolysis of alkenes in liquid phase, degradation and stabilization of rubber, and quantum chemical calculations of ozonolysis of organic compounds.
pentane, carbon tetrachloride) provide an opportunity to produce and study typical oxidation products of ozonolysis, such as ozonide [4].
Specifically FT-Raman, FT-IR and ICP-AES are used to study the dental resins as well as the by products of ozonolysis.
The next standard reaction for this type of cleavage reaction is an ozonolysis reaction, which was attempted, but again, the olefin proved unreactive.