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A mixture of paraffinic and cycloparaffinic hydrocarbons occurring in nature; it has a higher melting point than synthetic paraffin and is used as a substitute for beeswax.
Synonym(s): ozocerite
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This report uses a methodology, based on macroeconomic and trade models, to estimate the market for paraffin wax, microcrystalline petroleum wax, slack wax, ozokerite, lignite wax, peat wax, and similar waxes for those countries serving the world market via exports or supplying from various countries via imports.
00 (Euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax) Ozokerite Wax Pastilles SP 273 P (Strahl & Pitsch) 4.
For a lipstick formula, structural ingredients are mainly composed of castor oil, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, bees wax, paraffin wax, ozokerite, isostearyl alcohol, isopropyl palmitate, butyl stearate, cetyl ricinooleate, etc.