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an atrophic rhinitis marked by a thick mucopurulent discharge, mucosal crusting, and a strong odor.

a·troph·ic rhi·ni·tis

chronic rhinitis with thinning of the mucous membrane; often associated with crusts and foul-smelling discharge.
Synonym(s): ozena


Pue-nez, Stinknase ENT A mucopurulent nasal discharge in chronic atrophic rhinitis, seen in long-standing systemic disease–eg, iron-deficiency anemia or chronic local infection, described in southern Europe; the etiologic role of.Klebsiella ozaenae is speculative as this organism is sensitive to broad-spectrum antibiotics, while ozena is refractory to antibiotic therapy


A disease characterized by intranasal crusting, atrophy, and fetid odor.
Synonym(s): ozaena.
[G. ozaina, a fetid polypus, fr. ozō, to smell]
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Early diagnosis of ozena and rhinoscleroma through a fast and specific molecular method with high discriminatory power at subspecies level might contribute to a rapid therapeutic formulation and thus leading to improvement ofpatient prognosis, avoiding destructive consequences and sequelae on the respiratory mucosa.
Klebsiella pneumoniae ozaenae produce ozena or atrophic rhinitis, an infection compromising nasal epithelium which results in clinic symptoms such as: anosmia, green mucopurulent and fetid exudates, and nose obstruction whose histological findings are consistent with focal areas of squamous metaplastic damage of the mucosal glands and therefore mucus secretion alteration (7).
Nasal atrophy, atrophic rhinitis, ozena: Medical and surgical treatment: Repair of septal perforations.