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Having an affinity for acid dyes; denoting certain cell or tissue elements.
Synonym(s): oxyphil (3) , oxyphile
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Having an affinity for acid dyes; denoting certain cell or tissue elements.
Synonym(s): oxyphil (3) , oxyphile.
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, oxyphile (ok'sē-fil, -fīl)
1. Oxyphil cell.
2. Synonym(s): eosinophilic leukocyte.
3. Synonym(s): oxyphilic.
[G. oxys, sour, acid, + philos, fond]
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Cermik et al., also suggested that the MIBI absorption is not always correlated with the content of oxyphilic cells and additionally postulated that the number of oxyphilic cells is not the only factor affecting the MIBI absorption (23).
Caption: Figure 4: Fragments of thyroid involved by papillary thyroid carcinoma of follicular and oxyphilic variants [Case 1].
Over the whole volume of the grafts, numerous round cavities with diameter ranging from 1.750 to 7.320 [micro]m filled with weakly oxyphilic contents were observed between PLLA microfibers.
Variants include microscopic (<1 cm), widely invasive, oncocytic (Hurthle cell, Ashkenazy cell, oxyphilic cell) (figure 3), insular, trabecular, solid, signet-ring, and clear-cell types, among others.
Hashimoto thyroiditis, first described by Hashimoto in 1912, is an autoimmune inflammation of the thyroid commonly affecting middle-aged women.1 Histologic features of HT include diffuse infiltration of lymphoid cells usually with formation of lymphoid follicles, varying degrees of fibrosis, oxyphilic change or squamous metaplasia in the epithelial cells.1 When the presence of focal lymphocytic infiltration is assumed to be an adequate criterion for diagnosis of HT, the incidence appears to be as high as 16-23% in elderly females.1
The oxyphilic behavior of Al acting as a kosmotrope is shown in its avid binding to oxyanions of carbon, sulfur, and phosphorus [120].
However several unusual variants of MTC including encapsulated tumors, anaplastic variants, oxyphilic variants, tumors with mixed follicular and parafollicular cell differentiation as well as melanin producing MTCs have been reported.
In the parathyroids these are called as oxyphilic cells, hurthle cells in thyroid and oncocytes in pituitary, salivary glands, breast and kidney.
This fish is an oxyphilic species and prefers waters with temperature below 20[degrees]C.
Photosynthesis evolved, by current scientific evidence, more than 2 billion years ago to harness sunlight to split water and release free oxygen, which initiated the development, differentiation, and expansion of the kaleidoscope of marine and terrestrial oxygen-loving (oxyphilic or philie) species.
Chronic interferon-alpha exposure leads to changes in thyroid gland, including enlarged follicles lined by thickened granular and oxyphilic thyrocytes with diffuse mononuclear infiltrates of the stroma (8).
His classification of white blood cells into different morphological types (neutrophilic, basophils, and oxyphilic) paved the way for identifying many diseases of the blood.