oxygen uptake

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oxygen uptake (VO2)

ox·y·gen con·sump·tion

(O2) (ok'si-jĕn kŏn-sŭmp'shŭn)
The volume of oxygen consumed by the body in 1 minute; it is reported in liters or mL per minute at STPD.
Synonym(s): oxygen uptake.
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Perhaps more importantly, elevations in ventilatory demand and decreases in peak oxygen uptake are highly predictive of mortality in patients with heart failure.
Caption: Racking can result in oxygen uptake of up to 5 parts per million.
The oxygen uptake was measured continuously both during each dance and for the following 6 minutes to facilitate calculation of energy expenditure according to the method used in previous studies (11,12) and described in the following section.
Oxygen uptake, minute ventilation, and the respiratory exchange ratio were collected continuously with a Parvo Medics TrueMax[R] 2300 Metabolic system (Parvo Medics, Salt Lake City, UT, modified V-slope method (Sue et al.
Oxygen uptake rates of beef cattle manure+sawdust (BS) and beef cattle manure+rice hull (BR) as functions of moisture are shown in Figure 3.
The walking trials were each 6 min in duration, and there were 6 min of seated rest between trials, thereby allowing oxygen uptake to approach resting values.
The ventilation (VE) responses (see Figure 4) follow a similar trend to the relative oxygen uptake, with significant difference between PLW with RLW and RTW at 3 km.
One reason that sea air is so invigorating is that it's charged with healthy negative ions that boost oxygen uptake, ease asthma, and balance levels of those feel-good brain chemicals so that we feel calmer and happier.
Leveling off (plateau) of oxygen uptake with an increase of work rate (N.
2] partial pressures associated to ULO storage, on the mass loss in function of respiration, oxygen uptake, respiratory rate and other variables of 'Fuyu' persimmons stored during 12 weeks in CA at -0.
With the help of portable telemetric calorimeters and heart rate monitors, researchers measured and recorded each child's oxygen uptake, energy expenditure and heart rate.
The supplements had no obvious effect on participants' oxygen uptake or their performance in a 20 metre shuttle run test.