oxygen saturation

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the state of being saturated, or the act of saturating.
oxygen saturation the amount of oxygen bound to hemoglobin in the blood, expressed as a percentage of the maximal binding capacity.
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oxygen saturation

sO2 The O2 concentration of blood expressed as a ratio of its total O2-carrying capacity; the OS is a measure of the utilization of O2 transport capacity; sO2 is ↑ at high altitude, hypocapnia, hypothermia, ↑ cardiac output, O2 therapy, PEEP–positive end-expiratory pressure ventilation, and respiratory alkalosis. sO2 is ↓ with AV shunting, carbon monoxide poisoning, congenital cardiac defects, emphysema, hypercapnia, hypoventilation, hypoxia, respiratory acidosis Ref range 95-98% arterial; 60-80% venous
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ox·y·gen sat·u·ra·tion

(SaO2) (ok-si'jĕn sach'ŭr-ā'shŭn)
The percentage of oxygen-binding sites in blood that are combined with oxygen.
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Because CSC primarily influences the macular area lying on the temporal side [8], the rise in oxygen saturation may be a result of alterations between macular area oxygen replenishment and consumption.
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Multiwavelength oximetry available in many blood gas instruments is the most commonly used method in the clinical laboratory to measure both Met-Hb and oxygen saturation. Noninvasive pulse oximeters used at the bedside provide measures of oxygen saturation but can be misleading in cases of methemoglobinemia in which the low values of oxygen saturation reported by these instruments cannot be improved by oxygen supplementation.
Venous oxygen saturation levels differ depending on the organ and its relative oxygen needs.
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When a person is breathing properly, the oxygen saturation level -- when air flows through the lungs -- during sleep is 100 percent, Dr.
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