oxygen pulse

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ox·y·gen pulse

(O2 HR) (ok'si-jĕn pŭls)
Volume of oxygen consumed by the body per heartbeat.
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with case oxygen pulse oximeter, pediatric and adult sensor (neonatal, infant, preschool, over 5 years), suitable for pre-hospital care, with heart rate monitor.
The LifeChoice, with the patent pending Sleep Mode technology, is the only portable concentrator system designed with endless oxygen pulse for round-the-clock use.
Additional differences in gas exchange indices on CPET observed between Subjects 1 and 2 included oxygen pulse and ventilatory equivalent for carbon dioxide (VE/VC[O.
2]), workload, oxygen uptake/watt ratio and oxygen pulse (p < 0.
Lastly, in smokers, but not in healthy controls, maximal workload, maximal oxygen uptake and maximal oxygen pulse were correlated with lung diffusion capacity at rest.
2007), as well as a lower maximal oxygen pulse (Kobayashi et al.
The CoQ10 group also experienced beneficial increases in peak oxygen consumption and oxygen pulse.
Maximum oxygen pulse was calculated by dividing V[O.
max] for the females, and no significant correlation between age and maximum oxygen pulse for the females.
Although speculative, this may suggest that peak aerobic power may be maintained if there are no age-associated changes in maximal oxygen pulse and HRmax, both findings consistent with current data.