oxygen pulse

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ox·y·gen pulse

(O2 HR) (ok'si-jĕn pŭls)
Volume of oxygen consumed by the body per heartbeat.
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Oxygen pulse showed a declining trend during recovery phases at both speeds (Figure1 right panels).
with case oxygen pulse oximeter, pediatric and adult sensor (neonatal, infant, preschool, over 5 years), suitable for pre-hospital care, with heart rate monitor.
Additional differences in gas exchange indices on CPET observed between Subjects 1 and 2 included oxygen pulse and ventilatory equivalent for carbon dioxide (VE/VC[O.
To release its oxygen pulse, the conserver needed a deepish mouth inhale and I was used to shallow nose breathing through cannulas.
The CoQ10 group also experienced beneficial increases in peak oxygen consumption and oxygen pulse.
Frequent references to the appendices for clarification may be necessary for readers who do not use measurements such as anaerobic thresholds, maximum oxygen uptake, or oxygen pulse routinely in their practice.
10), while oxygen pulse |l/min~/HR was reduced from 19.
Blood gases and pH Gem-6 Plus, Gem-Stat, Gem Premier; other(*) Blood Na+, K+ Gem-6 Plus, Gem-Stat, Gem Premier; other(*) Blood iCa++ Gem-6 Plus, Gem-Stat, Gem Premier; other(*) Hemoglobin oxygen Pulse oximeters: Nellcor, Hayward, saturation Calif.
2]), workload, oxygen uptake/watt ratio and oxygen pulse (p < 0.