oxygen 16

ox·y·gen 16 (16O),

The common oxygen isotope, making up 99.76% of natural oxygen.
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Education of the staff and use of prescription charts significantly improved the prescription of oxygen 16.
e grandfather-of-six has to take oxygen 16 hours a day for the incurable illness.
In this case, the researchers detected elevated levels of the isotope oxygen 18 in comparison with the more commonly found oxygen 16.
This analyzer will allow simultaneous measurement reports related to water isotopes: Hydrogen (H) and deuterium (D), on the one hand, and Oxygen 16 and Oxygen 18, on the other hand, the water vapor atmospheric.
My pal has no legs, is on oxygen 16 hours a day and has been made to complete their questionnaire.
Led by Roel Brienen from the School of Geography at the University of Leeds, the researchers measured the amounts of two different oxygen isotopes trapped in the wood's rings: oxygen 16 and the heavier oxygen 18.
I am an OAP, 79 years of age on oxygen 16 hours a day and have to pay for my bin tags and to hear about what they get for just turning up in the Dail, it's wrong.
Mr McCann, who needs oxygen 16 hours a day and takes more than 20 tablets including morphine, contacted the Coventry Telegraph to share his story after reading about other mistakes made by the hospital.
Cigar-loving John Nixon, 73, on oxygen 16 hours a day, was like "a naughty child" and had ignored safety warnings.