An active metabolite of tremorine. Used as a pharmacologic tool for producing a parkinsonian tremor.
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6 gm of dried aqueous extract per kilogram of diet, respectively) fed for 8 weeks to 19-month-old Fischer 344 rats were also effective in reversing age-related deficits in several neuronal and behavioral parameters including: oxotremorine enhancement of K(+)-evoked release of dopamine from striatal slices, carbachol-stimulated GTPase activity, striatal Ca(45) buffering in striatal synaptosomes, motor behavioral performance on the rod walking and accelerod tasks, and Morris water maze performance.
Atropine sulfate, scopolamine hydrochloride, oxotremorine and pilocarpine sulfate were purchased from Sigma Chemical Co.
md 451 30 Desyat' Let Udmurtskoy ASSR Sovkhoz, Russia, 56[degrees]36, 53[degrees]15 31 1-(2-oxopyrrolidino)-4-pyrrolidino-2-butyne, OED oxotremorine 32 pull oneself up by one's (own) bootstraps, Chambers boot 34 cholecystojejunocholecystostomizes, see 417 452 30 K'o-tzu-lo-su-k'o-erh-k'o-tzu Tzu-chih-chou, China, 39[degrees]40, 76[degrees]10 33 not to halloo until one is out of the wood, OED halloo 2b 453 29 Stantsiya Volkovysk Tsentral'nyy, Belarus, 53[degrees]08, 24[degrees]25 35 ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies, OED question I 6 d 36 laparohysterosalpingo-oophorectomized, from 1 .
Moreover, in order to investigate whether Ninjin-yoei-to possesses a central cholinergic activity, we examined its effect on the tremors induced by oxotremorine, a muscarinic acetylcholine [M.
Scopolamine hydrobromide, scopolamine methyl bromide and oxotremorine hydrochloride (Sigma Chemical Co.
Immediately after an intraperitoneal injection of oxotremorine at 0.
Ninjin-yoei-to and the water extract of Polygalae radix were administered orally 50 min before the injection of oxotremorine (10 mice per group).