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A substance that oxidizes another substance; an oxidizing agent. Also called oxidant.
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In addition, when the liquid was contained in the oxidizer and fuel tanks, the natural frequencies decreased.
This work was able to demonstrate the successful modification of coconut fibers with polyaniline using aqueous media according to the one-step process under different methods and oxidizers. Modification with polyaniline was proven using optical microscopy and FTIR.
Nomenclature D: Diffusion coefficient [[m.sub.2]/s] T: Temperature [K] V: Radial velocity potential [1/s] Y: Mass fraction [-] a: Strain rate [1/s] [c.sub.p:] Isobaric heat capacity [J/(kg K)] d: Grid size [m] [??]: Mass flux density [kg/(s [m.sup.2])] p: Pressure [Pa] u: Axial velocity [m/s] z: Axial coordinate [m] [LAMBDA]: Pressure curvature [N/[m.sup.4]] [delta]: Flame thickness [m] [lambda]: Heat conductivity [W/(m K)] [rho]: Density [[m.sub.3]/kg] f: Fuel inlet o: Oxidizer inlet.
Figures 3 and 4 show currents measured in a ZnO TFT grown with C[O.sub.2] oxidizer and substrate voltage modulation (samples A1, A2).
(12) Using a higher propellant-mixture ratio (i.e., less fuel and more oxidizer), the DEAN will operate leaner, demand less fuel, and thus decrease the money spent on fuel slightly since liquid oxygen is somewhat cheaper than liquid hydrogen.
"The thermal oxidizer is replacing old technology, so it probably could have been identified much sooner.
After using Brownells' Classic Rust Blue for three months, David says it's not quite as aggressive an oxidizer as Laurel Mountain, but is decidedly more so than the Pilkington's or Mark Lee products.
Since the inception of Diedrich Manufacturing, Inc., whether it is with their infrared burners, heat regeneration technology or catalytic oxidizers, the environment has always been something the company's president, Stephan Diedrich, has been concerned with, according to Shawn Contreras, marketing and business development manager of Diedrich Manufacturing, Inc.
A more energy-efficient alternative is a regenerative thermal oxidizer, or RTO, which is a thermal oxidizer that uses ceramic media as a heat exchanger for recovery of combustion heat energy.
A significant carbohydrate load for a fast oxidizer is oxidized/metabolized so rapidly, an induced hypoglycemia state can result.
Consumer Product Safety Commission agreeing not to sell any oxidizer, fuel, fuse, tubes or end caps associated with such illegal fireworks as M-80s and quarter-sticks.