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A substance that oxidizes another substance; an oxidizing agent. Also called oxidant.
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The thermal oxidizer is designed to capture and control odors only associated with the methane recovery facility.
The new fuel would also need to have the appropriate viscosity and surface tension to create an unstable, thin film of liquid on its surface that would rustle up a spray of fuel droplets when oxygen or some other oxidizer blew over it.
Much like the catalytic oxidizer, the choice of catalyst will depend on what is in the gas stream and what the potential is for poisoning and masking of the catalyst.
One type uses a catalytic oxidizer that reportedly can generate enough energy to power the system without additional fuel.
From conventional flares, to thermal oxidizers, to our new low emissions CEB product, we can now offer our clients a full selection of products to meet their operational needs while they navigate through changing environmental standards and regulations.
Alain Castro, CEO of Ener-Core, said the adoption of the Ener-Core oxidizer technology by Dresser-Rand is an important step in capturing the $65 billion waste gas-to-power opportunity.
After years of research of hybrid propellant system, NCKU Aerospace Science and Technology Center has fully grasped the key point of the best combination of fuel and oxidizer for the highest efficiency, choosing 50% paraffin, 50% HTPB (50p) fuel grain and N2O oxidizer fuel to acquire a stable 300kg thrust.
OTCQB: ENCR), designer and manufacturer of proprietary Gradual Oxidizers, announced it has entered into a global licensing agreement with the Dresser-Rand Company to develop and market the Dresser-Rand KG2-3GEF two-megawatt gas turbine coupled with the Ener-Core oxidizer.
Group members had expressed concerns at earlier meetings that the emissions from the catalytic oxidizer were toxic, prompting further study of the air quality on the site.
A vacuum pulled the pollutant vapors that formed under the blanket into a flameless thermal oxidizer, which broke down the PCBs.
Glenro has recently introduced a 3000 scfm catalytic oxidizer system that removes multiple solvents and odors from a process exhaust stream.
The catalytic oxidizer was put in place in 1990 as part of efforts by Bermite's parent company, Whittaker Corp.