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A substance that oxidizes another substance; an oxidizing agent. Also called oxidant.
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The new oxidizer will treat all three and will release a higher volume of exhaust through the unit into the atmosphere.
The extreme stress that she suffered rendered her a slow oxidizer, with some chronic disease syndrome.
Pentane's surface melts as the oxidizer flows over it.
Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) are designed to destroy VOCs/HAPs from process exhaust fumes.
These materials are typically made of an aluminum fuel with an ammonium perchlorate oxidizer built right into them, so they're very compact.
Much like the catalytic oxidizer, the choice of catalyst will depend on what is in the gas stream and what the potential is for poisoning and masking of the catalyst.
One type uses a catalytic oxidizer that reportedly can generate enough energy to power the system without additional fuel.
a developer of innovative gas conversion technologies for global commercial and industrial facilities, and the Dresser-Rand business, part of Siemens Power and Gas Division, have achieved substantial integration of Ener-Core's 2 megawatt Power Oxidizer with the Dresser-Rand KG2 gas turbine.
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) held an information session and public hearing regarding a draft air permit for a thermal oxidizer at the Rumpke landfill in Colerain Township.
Air pollution control company CECO Environmental Corp (Nasdaq:CECE) announced on Friday the official launch of its new R-Series rotary oxidizer.
Considered extremely dangerous due to its ability to increase the intensity of a fire, this Class 3 oxidizer creates a substantial risk to firefighters and surrounding businesses.