oxidized cellulose

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a carbohydrate forming the skeleton of most plant structures and plant cells. It is the most abundant polysaccharide in nature and is the source of dietary fiber, preventing constipation by adding bulk to the stool. Good sources in the diet are vegetables, cereals, and fruits.
absorbable cellulose (oxidized cellulose) an absorbable oxidation product of cellulose, applied locally to stop bleeding.
cellulose sodium phosphate an insoluble, nonabsorbable cation exchange resin prepared from cellulose; it binds calcium and is used to prevent formation of calcium-containing kidney stones.

ox·i·dized cel·lu·lose

1. cellulosic acid in the form of an absorbable gauze; used as a hemostatic in operations in which ligation is not feasible because cellulosic acid has a pronounced affinity for hemoglobin and produces an artificial clot;
See also: oxycellulose.
2. a sterile absorbable substance prepared by the oxidation of cotton containing not less than 16% and not more than 22% of carboxyl.
See also: oxycellulose.

oxidized cellulose

a specially treated form of surgical sponge which promotes clotting and is used as a temporary dressing.
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Local hemostasis with an absorbable oxidized cellulose mesh, tranexamic acid, autologous fibrin glue and sutures found to achieve the aim of minimizing postextraction bleeding in patients on warfarin without jeopardizing their lives through exposing them to a life threatening thromboembolic crisis.
Microdispersed oxidized cellulose is a refined and purer version of oxidized cellulose that can be delivered in a wide range of consumer-friendly product formats for all types of wounds, from minor nicks to nosebleeds.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Consumable Items for NMITLI project Ethicon Mersilk or similar suture material: Size 3-0 with 3/8 circle, reverse cutting needle, 16 mm length,Polyglactin 910 absorbable suture, size 4-0, 70 cm length, with 16 mm A' circle round body needle,Hemostatic oxidized cellulose Bacteriocidal, sterile, absorbable (size: 2 x 4 ),Impression Trays- sets of All sizes, perforated, Autoclavable.
The book describes applications of oxidized celluloses in medicine, cosmetics, and food, and looks at applications of bacterial cellulose in paper, odontology, and pharmaceuticals.