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The fundamental ring system of pyranoses.
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1972) showed that substituted oxazoles could accept an electron into the pi-system and form stable anion pi-radicals if the oxazole ring is 2,5-substituted by aromatic rings.
Another significant observation is that substitution at the 2-position on the oxazole ring exhibits a considerable effect on pi-anion formation energy and reactivity toward the proton donor hydroquinone (Table 1).
The evidence presented emphasizes the great importance of the 2-carbon substitution in determining the character of oxazole and fused ring oxazole anion radical behavior.
Electronic Structure and CNMR Spectra of 2-Phenyl- and 2-Methyl-Substituted Derivatives of Oxazole and Thiazole.
The discussions of this paper will be limited only to the first wave or low-potential reduction of fused ring oxazoles.
Indications of chemi-adsorption were not observed for the oxazoles on mercury or platinum.
A series of polarographic and cyclic voltammetric experiments scanning the oxazoles in progressively higher hydroquinone (HQ) concentrations was conducted.
2] times faster than 2-NNO, showing that the smaller pi-radical is significantly more reactive than other oxazoles in the structurally related series.
Heterocyclic compounds such as pyrazines, thiazoles and oxazoles are usually considered to be responsible for the roast flavours in foods including meat.