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(ov'yū-lă-tō-rē, ō'vū-),
Relating to ovulation.


Etymology: L, ovum
pertaining to ovulation.


Relating to ovulation.
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An increase in libido of the spouse was the most explored sign that men from sub-urban communities used to predict the ovulatory phase of their spouses (30.
However, nearly about one-quarter of women had knowledge about their ovulatory cycle at any point of time.
They had regular ovulatory cycles (25-35 days), no endocrine abnormalities, and had normal ultrasonic ovarian morphology.
Another mechanism has been put forward for the cause for ovulatory dysfunction associated with raised prolactin levels.
One notion in mating literature is that ovulatory shifts in ornamentation and interpersonal style are used as a strategy to match men's preferences.
2] increase per year, compared with ovulatory subfertile women with a BMI below 29, Dr.
The dispensing of the anti- progesterone RU486 during the dioestrous phase of cyclic rats produces ovulatory impairment and this effect of RU486 is dose dependent.
Ovulatory infertility accounts for as many as 30% of all cases of infertility.
A good BC is necessary for good ovulatory rates and to build up the body reserves that the animal will use during pregnancy and lactation.
A similar discovery has been previously reported in Holstein cows with improved ovulatory stimulus after eCG treatment (Souza et al.
Kyrgyz women and men generally have a poor understanding of the ovulatory cycle, according to the Kyrgyz Republic Demographic and Health Survey (KgDHS) for 2012.