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1. pertaining to an ovule.
2. pertaining to an oocyte (ovum).
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(ov'yū-lăr, ō'vū-),
Relating to an ovule.
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Relating to an ovule.
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Identification of proteins present in the Douglas-fir ovular secretion: an insight into conifer pollen selection and development.
Excised embryos from the ovular integuments were maintained on Giberellic acid-free MS medium.
(20) I could offer a list of the ten ovular books or twenty explosive articles written in the South that every feminist scholar ought to have on her Kindle.
Acheulean hand axes are a bit mysterious because they are pointed but often sharp all the way around their ovular form, so there is no way to hold one without cutting yourself, and yet they're not fit for the end of a spear, either.
Dessa forma, os foliculos amarelos grandes entram em hierarquia e o foliculo de maior tamanho fica destinado a ovular primeiro (F1); o segundo maior pode ovular no dia seguinte (F2) e assim sucessivamente (JOHNSON, 1993).
Because it was not my hands but an instrument that removed the ovular
The left side of the face in the photograph--hence the right side in life, or what once was life, for its subject has committed suicide six years back--is ovular, with a swatch of stubble stretching into the shadow in the hollow where the sphenoid and temporal bones meet.
Thus the guttural sounds of Arabic or Persian (the ovular stops and fricatives) and Persian from Arabic are not used.
The mean induction to abortion interval of 12.3+-6.4 hrs by Perry KG Jr18 with intra amniotic PGF2 alpha injection and 17.5+-8.6 with continuous extra ovular instillation through balloon catheter are[12] comparable to our study in group 1.