One whose diet contains vegetables, eggs, and dairy products.
See also: vegetarian, vegan
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An ovolactovegetarian consumes milk, dairy products and eggs in addition to plant foods.
The case studies involved an ovolactovegetarian with hyponatremia because of a low intake of solute, which limited the patient's ability to excrete water (9), and a recent case of crash-diet potomania in a patient who had a low-calorie diet and consumed 6 L of water per day.
Strict vegetarian diets contain less than 10 percent as much carnitine as typical omnivorous diets of the developed nations, and ovolactovegetarian diets contain about 20 percent as much.
Causes of vitamin [B.sub.12] and folate deficiencies Vitamin Bn deficiency Folate deficiency Dietary deficiency Dietary deficiency Ovolactovegetarians Poor diet Malabsorption (e.g.
In the study group, 25 were vegetarians [45%] 10 were ovolactovegetarians [22%] and 15 were non vegetarians [33%] (Pie Chart 2).
Of the remaining 18 patients, 13 were vegetarians, 2 were non vegetarians and 3 were ovolactovegetarians.
In our study, 25 were vegetarians, 10 were ovolactovegetarians and 15 were non vegetarians.
There was practically no difference between the bones of meat-eatersand ovolactovegetarians, which excluded meat and seafood but ate eggs and dairy products, Health News reported.A joint Australian-Vietnamese study of links between the bones and diet of more than 2,700 people found that vegetarians had bones five percent less dense than meat-eaters, said lead researcher Tuan Nguyen.