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Also known as colpostats; oval applicators that are inserted into the lateral fornices of the vagina; used in conjunction with a tandem for the treatment of gynecologic malignancies using a radioactive source.
See also: tandem
Synonym(s): colpostats.
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A comparison between tandem and ovoids and interstitial gynecologic template brachytherapy dosimetry using a hypothetical computer model.
In parts of Serbia, testicles are a delicacy which may explain the competition's banners is two overlapping ovoids.
I have described in my judgment the large quantities of dust that were constantly in the atmosphere of the briquetting buildings - where the Phurnacite ovoids were formed and pressed - and the hot and fume-laden conditions experienced by men working around the ovens, where the ovoids were carbonised.
Mr Dawes said: "It would have avoided smoking stacks, clogging ovoids yes - but it would not have improved the whole plant.