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Also known as colpostats; oval applicators that are inserted into the lateral fornices of the vagina; used in conjunction with a tandem for the treatment of gynecologic malignancies using a radioactive source.
See also: tandem
Synonym(s): colpostats.
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A comparison between tandem and ovoids and interstitial gynecologic template brachytherapy dosimetry using a hypothetical computer model.
"I have described in my judgment the large quantities of dust that were constantly in the atmosphere of the briquetting buildings - where the Phurnacite ovoids were formed and pressed - and the hot and fume-laden conditions experienced by men working around the ovens, where the ovoids were carbonised.
Mr Allan said: "Would it be right to conclude the company has been operating some aging batteries for a number of years which has greatly increased fume and dust exposure for those working whereas if they had kept to the original plans of rebuilding after 15 years that would have been avoided?" Mr Dawes said: "It would have avoided smoking stacks, clogging ovoids yes - but it would not have improved the whole plant."
The district's website doesn't tease out the finer points of geometry, but if the teacher had called the items in question "ovoids," ridicule might have been avoided.