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a vegetarian who consumes eggs but not dairy products nor animal flesh.
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A vegetarian whose diet includes eggs.

o′vo-veg′e·tar′i·an adj.
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(23) further demonstrated significant urinary calcium, urinary sulfate, and net acid excretions in an animal protein-rich diet relative to ovo-vegetarian and vegetarian diets.
The lacto-vegetarian differs in that he does not eat eggs, while the ovo-vegetarian eats eggs but no other dairy products.
Ovo-vegetarian: Eats a vegan diet plus eggs (avoids meat, fish, fowl, and dairy products).
Additionally, people who follow a vegan or ovo-vegetarian (a vegetarian diet that includes dairy) diet may require calcium supplementation.
Furthermore, applicants for use of the EVU label must respond to several pages of detailed questions regarding their products' ingredients and must declare each food product as vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, or ovo-vegetarian. If licensees should make ingredient changes in the food products that have been approved, they are required to inform the European group overseeing the symbol as stated in their trademark license agreement.
It has become suitable for vegans, for those suffering from phenylketonuria, for those with lactose intolerance or milk allergies, and for ovo-vegetarians, who consume eggs but not dairy products.
Factoring in BMI, age and other influencing elements, vegans were still 62 per cent less likely to develop diabetes than meat-eaters, while lacto- ovo-vegetarians were 38 per cent less likely.
Ovo-vegetarians do not eat meat or dairy products, but do eat eggs.
* Those who eat eggs, but not dairy products: ovo-vegetarians.