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To lay eggs; applied especially to insects.
[ovi- + L. pono, pp. positus, to place]


intr.v. ovipos·ited, ovipos·iting, ovipos·its
To lay eggs, especially by means of an ovipositor.

o′vi·po·si′tion (-pə-zĭsh′ən) n.
o′vi·po·si′tion·al adj.
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kraussii were internal parasitoids that preferred to oviposit into second-or third-instar olive fruit fly (table 3).
These results indicate that there may be a disadvantage to planting pubescent cultivars of cotton in Florida if whiteflies are expected to be abundant; whitefly females prefer to oviposit on pubescent cultivars.
abbreviatus oviposit on many of the weed species in row middles and some neonate larvae that fall from the tree canopy must succeed in migrating to the edge.
In the fruit fly specialist Coptera haywardi (Ogloblin) (Diapriidae), nearly all ovipositions are in the middle regions of Anastrepha suspensa (Loew) puparia, while the generalist chalcid, Dihrinus himalayanus Westwood, frequently oviposits in both the middle and the posterior (Sivinski et al.
Ooencyrtus kerriae Hayat (Encyrtidae) and Coccophagus parlobatae Hayat (Aphelinidae) drill their ovipositor through the rigid lac covering of the scale, whereas Aprostocetus bangaloricus Narendran (Eulophidae) oviposits into the anal pore of the scale.
In order to compare the ability of parasitoid species to oviposit and parasitize the lobate lac scale, the length of time required to penetrate the lobate lac scale with the ovipositor, and the reproductive rates (number of offspring per test cylinder) were compared.
lobata (Schroer & Pemberton, unpublished data) but in the present study, it was found to host feed and oviposit in unparasitized lobate lac scales, indicating primary parasitism.
Anastrepha interrupta apparently oviposits into the fruit of S.