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To lay eggs; applied especially to insects.
[ovi- + L. pono, pp. positus, to place]
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intr.v. ovipos·ited, ovipos·iting, ovipos·its
To lay eggs, especially by means of an ovipositor.

o′vi·po·si′tion (-pə-zĭsh′ən) n.
o′vi·po·si′tion·al adj.
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We did not collect egg sacs for the first seven days of any month in order to more accurately assign sacs with eggs to the correct month of oviposition. At 29[degrees]C, brown widow eggs hatch in 9 days.
frugiperda feed together near the oviposition site on parenchyma and their feeding leads to leaves becoming necrotic and translucent.
We evaluate ELMA as the number of ovipositions NO at a given distance with the statistics:
In this paper, we investigate the reproductive behavior of the gonyleptid Chavesincola inexpectabilis Soares & Soares 1946 (Heteropachylinae) and provide basic descriptive information about courtship, copulation, oviposition, and paternal care of this species.
Our objective was to determine the effect of prescribed burning on Karner blues, and we used butterfly abundance surveys and oviposition rates as measures of habitat use.
We compared 32 environment and oviposition characteristics in two closely related grasshoppers from opposite environments: Romalea microptera from the Florida Everglades wetlands vs Taeniopoda eques from the Chihuahuan Desert.
Key words: Ecdytolopha torticornis, oviposition, sampling, macadamia, Costa Rica.
Oviposition in close proximity to conspecifics.--At Pond 1 81.7% of 202 ovipositions were performed by lone pairs and 18.3% by groups of 2-4 pairs per 1-[m.sup.2] plot.
Phases n Mean Survival (%) Adult 28 15.24 [+ or -] 0.75 - Male 14 14.73 [+ or -] 1.15 - Female (total) 14 15.64 [+ or -] 1.00 - Pre-oviposition 14 5.29 [+ or -] 0.32 - Oviposition 14 9.64 [+ or -] 0.81 - Post-oviposition 14 0.71 [+ or -] 0.27 - Egg (incubate/laying) 569 6.00 [+ or -] 0.00 97.24 Larval 109 36.47 [+ or -] 0.44 96.23 Pre-pupal 106 5.23 [+ or -] 0.21 97.25 Pupal 98 23.60 [+ or -] 0.37 92.45 Table 2.
After an exposure period of 4 months, when seedlings were infested with both immature and mature lobate lac scale, they were used for parasitoid observation and oviposition tests.
We investigated correlations of these variables with female cephalothorax area ([mm.sup.2]), female weight after oviposition, spiderling weight, average of natural temperature and relative humidity during the incubation period, and the time between consecutive ovipositions.
There is no information on the oviposition behavior of T curvicauda in relation to fruit of the cuaguayote tree; this study is the first report of characteristics of cuaguayote fruits selected by T curvicauda for oviposition.