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To lay eggs; applied especially to insects.
[ovi- + L. pono, pp. positus, to place]


intr.v. ovipos·ited, ovipos·iting, ovipos·its
To lay eggs, especially by means of an ovipositor.

o′vi·po·si′tion (-pə-zĭsh′ən) n.
o′vi·po·si′tion·al adj.
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The ovipositional behavior of the endemic whistling lizard Calotes liolepis Boulenger, 1885 (Reptilia: Agamidae) in the Knuckles forest region of Sri Lanka.
xylostella after 24, 48 and 72h demonstrated significant ovipositional preferences among various rapeseed cultivars under no choice conditions.
Moreover, it could plausibly be that the fed females were attracted to the light source on their exit of the house during ovipositional flight (14).
The ovipositional abilities of parasitoids in the genus Microplitis were investigated in the past (Jones & Lewis 1971; Belz et al.
Reports on the ovipositional rhythms of insects began to appear in the 1950s and have gradually increased in recent years (Haddow & Gillett 1957; Pittendrigh & Minis 1964; Minis 1965).
Identification of common bean lines with ovipositional resistance to Empoasca kraemeri (Homoptera: Cicadellidae).
degenerans was able to utilize wider range of pollen for survival, however it had lower maximum ovipositional rate than N.
Flooding influences ovipositional and feeding behavior of the rice water weevil (Coleoptera, Curculionidae).
Furthermore, about 22% of the rose plants were found completely damaged at the end of Nov (by both defoliation and ovipositional injury, i.