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To lay eggs; applied especially to insects.
[ovi- + L. pono, pp. positus, to place]


intr.v. ovipos·ited, ovipos·iting, ovipos·its
To lay eggs, especially by means of an ovipositor.

o′vi·po·si′tion (-pə-zĭsh′ən) n.
o′vi·po·si′tion·al adj.
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variabilis engorged female ticks and lower egg masses oviposited by these females than by uninfected females.
Whenever we found a female Karner blue, we observed the butterfly for a 15-minute interval to quantify foraging rates, and most importantly, where the Karner blues oviposited their eggs.
All the engorged sandflies in two groups were given sugar syrup every morning and observed until they oviposited and died.
zea oviposited throughout the vertical strata of soybean plants, with approximately 70% of the eggs being laid on main-stem leaves.
Agabus semivittatus oviposited in habitats associated with lotic systems, but the reproductive habitat of the central Georgia population of A.
Females typically oviposited two egg masses between late May and August.
scalaris entered turtle eggs through tears made by pipping hatchlings and oviposited on eyes and yolk sacs of hatchlings, which subsequently died.
Statistical analysis revealed no significant difference between the frequencies of drilling and egg laying behaviors suggesting that female parasitoids oviposited an egg at each drilling event (Table 1).