overvalued idea

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a mental impression or conception.
autochthonous idea a persistent idea, originating within the mind, usually from the unconscious, but seeming to have come from an outside source and often therefore felt to be of malevolent origin.
dominant idea one that controls or colors every action and thought.
fixed idea a persistent morbid impression or belief that cannot be changed by reason.
overvalued idea a false or exaggerated belief sustained beyond logic or reason but with less rigidity than a delusion, also often being less patently unbelievable.
idea of reference the incorrect idea that the words and actions of others refer to one's self, or the projection of the causes of one's own imaginary difficulties upon someone else.
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fixed i·de·a

1. an exaggerated notion, belief, or delusion that persists, despite evidence to the contrary, and controls the mind;
2. the obstinate conviction of a psychotic person regarding the correctness of a delusion.
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overvalued idea

An unreasonable, strongly held belief or idea. Such a belief is beyond the norm of beliefs held or accepted by other members of the person's culture or subculture.
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(34) explore the nature and the intensity of body image beliefs in anorexia nervosa, especially with regard to the so-called overvalued ideas. They propose a continuum through normal and delusional thinking, where AN can be placed in between.
The line between psychotic delusions and extreme overvalued ideas is not always clear, but some markers and signposts can differentiate between the two.