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Having or showing an excessive sexual appetite or interest in sex.
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HOLLYWOOD star Ben Affleck hit out at claims yesterday that his fiancee Jennifer Lopez was "oversexed".
Janet (Meredith Scott Lynn), Katie's blunt-spoken, oversexed buddy, advises her to settle for Mr.
no, not a crowd of oversexed nurses shagging their way through every passing doctor in Chicago.
Sex is clearly one and complete sexual compatibility is rare - one person requires more sex than the other, who sees them as oversexed. And vice versa - one partner wants less sex than the other who sees them as undersexed.
Fleabag may seem oversexed, emotionally unfiltered and self-obsessed, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Written by Guy Branum, the series version of the film will follow a glib young online writer and an oversexed advertising executive, both trying to prove that they're capable of being in a loyal relationship.
Because when they eventually prise that human barnacle out of Downing Street, the odds-on favourite is currently a deceitful upper-class oversexed Honey Monster.
Donald Trump, overpaid and oversexed, will soon be over here as his state visit to the UK has been confirmed.
While Max raises money by servicing oversexed older ladies, Ulla (primo belter Elyse Collier), a Swedish actress looking for her big break, signs on as the duo's secretary, revving up Leo's previously repressed libido.
The house lights dim, the elegant front cloth with its flying swan floats up and it all begins with the stylish court, an oversexed queen and a loveless prince who is being shoe-horned into a marriage.
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"A lot of social media is about women looking really oversexed. That doesn't feel like feminism to me.