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An abnormally strong reaction to a stimulus.
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The first two panels show moderate but persistent overresponse to current weather and supply information, with implicit coefficient estimates lying closer to [+ or -]0.45 than to [+ or -]0.42 for both subjects in the Baseline treatment.
There may be a slight bias toward overresponse in the High Noise treatment and toward underresponse to the more important stimulus (Supply) in the Asymmetric treatment.
Underresponse to the more important variable (as in Figure 4) and overresponse to the other variable are quite prevalent in the Asymmetric treatment.
There is significant underresponse to the Supply variable in the Asymmetric treatment (p = 0.00), and significant overresponse to both variables in the High Noise treatment (p = 0.02, 0.00).
Recall from Figure 2 the impression that moderate but shrinking overresponse is quite typical at this point.
At the halfway point (T = 240) of the experiment, the coefficient estimates [a.sub.1] and [a.sub.2] indicate a slight tendency toward overresponse. Table 1 and sample learning curves in Figure 2 show that this tendency almost disappears by the end (T = 480) of the experiment.
.] Admittedly, the film is also an attempt to further escalate the continuous overreaction and overresponse of one side to the actions of the other.
In a separate experiment, scavenging cells called macrophages from about one-third of study participants with the dry form of age-related macular degeneration showed an overresponse when they came into contact with blebs, spurring an inflammatory reaction, Cousins says.
We found that operators had difficulty detecting an overresponse or an under-response to an incident when the individual messages were presented separately.
While the last part of this argument is essentially correct, some of its premises can be questioned, especially Herbst's argument in State Politics in Zimbabwe (1990) that the next generation of whites will have no place in Zimbabwe (an uncivil outcome) and du Toit's implicit assumption that the initial overresponse to the disturbances in Matabeleland in the mid-1980s is prototypical of state policy.
Over time, insulin overresponse can become constant, which leads to the ultimate exhaustion of the adrenal glands and pancreas.
The observation that vitamin D, while promoting antimicrobial activity in myeloid cells, also inhibits TLR2 and TLR4 expressions in monocytes, suggested a feedback mechanism to prevent inflammatory overresponses by TLR activation at later stage of infection [39]; this downregulatory effect in APC might be one of the key mechanisms by which vitamin D is able to attenuate excessive Th1-driven inflammation and avoid downstream potential autoimmunity consequence [40].