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To react with unnecessary or inappropriate force, emotional display, or violence.
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A longitudinal study of mother's overreactive discipline and toddler's externalizing behavior.
Kim, Arnold, Fisher, and Zeljo (2005) observed that parents tend to show overreactive parenting towards preschool-aged children's problematic behaviors which are inconsistent with gender stereotypes, and lax parenting towards those consistent with gender-stereotyped behavior (e.g.
An overreactive discipline style tends to involve physically and verbally aggressive behavior, harshness, and forceful strategies when disciplining children.
People who are now worm-free have overreactive immune systems, which can lead to asthma and autoimmune disorders.
Riek Jok Majok, chairman of the South's bureau for small arms control (CSAC), and former county commissioner of Aweil, said the organization was established in 2008, and he urged GOSS not be overreactive when they are engaged in controlling, collecting and disposing illegal weapons and give priority to voluntarily disarmament despite community resistance especially from youth leaders from cattle camps.
Allergies are an abnormal overreactive response by the immune system.
Perhaps the family firms in our study are overreactive and their attempts to constantly adjust to changing environmental conditions might tax their infrastructures.
This was not like him at all; he is not an overreactive kid.
Similarly, Smith and O'Leary (1998) found that those parents who made child-centred/dispositional attributions for their child's behaviour showed significantly higher ratings of subjective anger and were more overreactive or harsh in their style of discipline and parenting.
There's evidence that these children will have an overreactive stress response that lasts into adulthood.
In contrast, homemade diets, particularly those that have few or no grains or starchy carbs, are higher in protein (which supports both the skin and the immune system) and are easier to digest (which can improve the health of the digestive tract and keep the body's immune system from becoming overreactive).
One student was described as seeing herself in an elevated position in the organizational hierarchy, and another "knew everything and was quite outspoken" and was overreactive to and personally wounded by team members' suggestions.