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To react with unnecessary or inappropriate force, emotional display, or violence.
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The parents using our system are not overreacting to the threat of drug use.
Is it overreacting to feel as if she's violating her little body with these clothes?
But CLWA officials contend that no final decisions on the plan have been made and that Fleck is overreacting.
During his address, Solomont will make both a marketing and technical assessment of the Internet and evaluate whether or not the world is overreacting to it.
Nolet said the district is preparing a measured fiscal response to ensure a balanced budget without overreacting in a way that could ``decimate'' programs.
In addition to concern over the demands created by Windows 95, Abrahams says doomsayers are overreacting to an industry trend toward doubling the amount of memory found inside personal computers.
Then Mark Cuban was booted for overreacting to the mess.
The version of Windows 95 running today in the WinMag lab, for example, is almost 100 builds later than the one that's generating the overreacting press reports.
Overreacting to false alarms can be almost as dangerous as the real thing.
As for the temporary restraining order, Bates said the district was overreacting.
I told my boyfriend he was out of order for overreacting and no harm was meant.
A Overreacting in this case would have been to take her cell phone and drop it in shredder.