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To react with unnecessary or inappropriate force, emotional display, or violence.
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But analysts at ABN Amro suggest that the markets have overreacted.
Analyst Craig Shere says with the stock down over 20% to levels not seen since 1997, he thinks the market has overreacted to difficulties at the company's marine transport unit.
But some parents believe the school board overreacted and should have asked the city for help.
Analyst Will Donald believes the market overreacted yesterday, when the company's announcement of a productivity initiative sent the shares down 11 1/8.
Critics, including more than 300 parents and teachers at a City Hall protest held earlier this month, claimed the district overreacted to the projected shortfall and sent out too many notices.
While we acknowledge that Dynex's earnings have been and will be negatively impacted by the current market conditions, we believe that Fitch has overreacted to the impact such conditions have on Dynex's financial position.
Critics, including more than 300 parents and teachers at a City Hall protest two weeks ago, said the district had overreacted, sent out too many notices and was scaring away good teachers.
The Company stated that the Board of Directors believes that the market has overreacted to certain announcements by the Company since July 1996 and that the current price of the Company's common stock does not reflect management's belief as to the current value of the Company's portfolio.
Then she realizes she has overreacted and should be responsible for keeping her belongings away from her brother.
In our view, investors overreacted to a revised earnings forecast we issued on December 15, making BTU stock an exceptional value.
Analysts and industry leaders said Wall Street overreacted Tuesday to news they said was a non-issue: The announcement Tuesday by President Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair of their joint commitment to keeping genetic codes in the public domain.
Without admitting that police overreacted in dealing with the bikers during a September 1997 charity ride, the settlement provides the opportunity for city officials to coordinate future events with organizers of motorcycle road rallies.