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To react with unnecessary or inappropriate force, emotional display, or violence.
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Scott Brown was banging into Adam Rooney and he was giving as good as he was getting - but they all just got on with it because Bobby didn't overreact.
"We need to get all of the facts first and we shouldn't overreact until all of the facts are in," he added.
But if they must put rates up this week we would urge only a quarter point rise, rather than overreact and increase by half a point.
Now researchers report in the August 2005 Journal of Clinical Investigation that even before the immune system cranks up, NADPH oxidases in pollen itself generate a type of free radical known as reactive oxygen species (ROS), which interfere with cell signaling pathways and cause the immune system to overreact.
"There is a fear that administrators will overreact and just send troubled students home." The ruling further tests a student's right to privacy.
Basic freedoms should not be eroded, he writes, nor should Americans be abused in the "name of defending freedom from terrorism." The author also writes, however, that "as new terrorist scenarios arise, as new extremists crawl out of some cave brandishing new vehicles for mass murder, the government will have to react--and possibly overreact --quickly." Case studies of Muslims in America who disappeared into our prison system immediately after 9/11 demonstrate that the government did overreact, as the new secretary of homeland security, Michael Chertoff, acknowledged during his confirmation hearings.
But we shouldn't overreact. The real price is still relatively low and Saudi Arabia recently announced that they're going to make some fundamental investments that will increase their longer-term output.
According to this hypothesis, if the immune system isn't properly trained during childhood, it may overreact to innocuous allergens in the lungs, causing asthma (SN: 8/26/00, p.
If you think your computer might have a virus, don't overreact. Overreacting (i.e., panicking) will cause undue stress related to a problem that is very manageable.
The goal here is to change how you view stress throughout the day so your body doesn't overreact. But vacations--even just a weekend away--can make a big difference.
There will be unintended consequences for Corporate America if reformers overreact and radically change the way companies govern themselves.
Japan will not overreact to remarks made by North Korea's envoy to China indicating an end to its self-imposed moratorium on missile testing in protest at the United States, government officials said Saturday.