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To react with unnecessary or inappropriate force, emotional display, or violence.
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Scott Brown was banging into Adam Rooney and he was giving as good as he was getting - but they all just got on with it because Bobby didn't overreact.
Experts on terrorism say the best thing Americans can do to resist the threat of chemical and biological terrorism is to not overreact or panic.
The cells can overreact so strongly, as in cases of bee stings or peanut allergies, that they kill a person.
Rather than avoiding all toys, she recommended that concerned moms and dads carefully inspect what their children play with and not overreact to reports such as this.
CEO Chris McGovern said, "We talk with a lot of companies, we don't want shareholders to overreact just because we're in talks.
Unlike the initial blockages, which consist of a complex mixture of fatlike substances, debris from blood, and few intact cells, the new ones consist primarily of smooth muscle cells, which may overreact as they repair damage from the angioplasty, Speir explains.
When mast cells overreact to allergens, they contribute to the effects associated with allergy attacks, such as a runny nose, sneezing, itching and red eyes.
It's important not to overreact or be alarmist about [this finding]," warns Dubin, who calls for parents and caregivers to be sure to follow the existing guidelines for handling infected blood.
Every time there was a shock to the system, such as with the dot-com bust and the Y2K panic, companies seemed to overreact, causing drastic up and down cycles," explains Lee, the Thoma Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology.
Another analog gets white cells so excited they overreact to the protein, inducing vaccine-like protection against subsequent exposures to myelin-damaging injections.
The more the Fed continues to overreact and increase short-term rates in a slowing recovery, the more long-term bond yields edge down, and the more stocks become undervalued.
I think we overreact in California when there's a little snow.