overly aggressive treatment

overly aggressive treatment,

n the excessive use of a procedure, device, or medication intended to mitigate, cure, or halt the progression of a harmful disease; prescribed by some practitioners of both conventional and alternative medicine.
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In light of the fact that remission is increasingly becoming an attainable goal in rheumatoid arthritis treatment, it would be useful to be able to predict which patients are likely to achieve remission in the long run, and so to be able to avoid overly aggressive treatment and the associated side effects," Dr.
3,4,6,9,19,20) This convention of differentiating between WDLs and ALTs serves to recognize the remarkably tractable nature of surgically accessible lesions and helps prevent overly aggressive treatment for a sarcoma that has virtually no potential for metastasis and is otherwise responsive to conservative measures.
Although READ hamartomas are thought to be rare, awareness of the lesion is important since it may be confused with sinonasal adenocarcinoma, leading to overly aggressive treatment.
We recommend that embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma be ruled out to avoid overly aggressive treatment of these patients.
While screening for some types of cancer has meant earlier detection and much improved results, other types that may be "indolent'' -- involving slow biological changes that may not lead to serious illness for many years -- get labeled as cancer and lead to overly aggressive treatments.