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an excess over what is normal or needed.
iron overload an excess of iron in the body; see hemochromatosis, hemosiderosis, and siderosis.
sensory overload a condition in which an individual receives an excessive or intolerable amount of sensory stimuli, as in a busy hospital or clinic or an intensive care unit; the effects of sensory overload are similar to those of sensory deprivation, including confusion and hallucination.


1 a burden greater than the capacity of the system designed to move or process it.
2 (in physiology) any factor or influence that stresses the body beyond its natural limits and may impair its health.


To exceed the capacity of a cell, physiological process, organism, or system, causing it to fail. overload

circulatory overload

Volume overload.

fluid overload

Volume overload.

iron overload

Organ failure caused by excessive accumulation of iron in the body, usually from frequent transfusions or hemochromatosis.

pressure overload

Demand placed on muscle, esp. heart muscle, in response to high blood pressure or stenotic valves. Over time pressure overload results in cardiac hypertrophy and, eventually, heart failure.

sensory overload

A condition in which sensory stimuli are received at an excessive rate or intensity. Sensory overload can produce increases in heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, confusion, anxiety, mental distress, and/or erratic behavior.

stress overload

Excessive amounts and types of demands that require action.

volume overload

An excess of blood or body fluids in the circulation or extracellular tissues. It is usually caused by transfusions or excessive fluid infusions that increase the venous pressure, esp. in patients with heart disease, and it can result in heart failure, pulmonary edema, and cyanosis.
Synonym: circulatory overload; fluid overload; hypervolemia


a larger load than the system can comfortably bear.

tube overload
when repeated exposures are made at high output. This may vaporize the target or damage the cathode.
veterinary overload
the popular term for the knowledge explosion and the need to learn more by the veterinarian.
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Our officers conduct regular checks throughout the year for overloaded vehicles and it is pleasing to see that the courts act firmly in supporting our efforts.
The truck, run by Kel-mark Scaffolding Limited of Mary Vale Business Park, Mary Vale Road, was overloaded by 3,820 kilos - an overload of more than 50 per cent, the court heard.
The department has recently been given extra cash to detect overloaded vehicles as a result of the campaign's success.
This load cell can be overloaded by 32 times the rated load without damage to the sensor, protected by a dependable mechanical stop.
Khalid Khan and other office bearers assured the IGP that their association is also against the overloading but the action against overloaded vehicles be taken irrespective of any favor.
A CRACKDOWN has been launched in Wolverhampton on overloaded milk lorries.
During that hour, the ATMs would spit back cards intermittently when the system became overloaded with users.
This could lead to declining demand for bias tires in the CV segment, which were preferred primarily for their ability to perform well even when overloaded, and set off a positive growth trend for radial tires.
The IGP Zafar Abbas assured the Minister that the action against overloaded vehicles is being taken all over the country and the rule of law is being followed by every officer.
104 to reach Federal Secretariat from Tarnol but that bus is normally overloaded and the same situation is being faced by people travelling on Bus No.
An overloaded wooden ferry capsized when strong waves caused it to sway, and panicked passengers ran to one side, officials said Monday.