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an excess over what is normal or needed.
iron overload an excess of iron in the body; see hemochromatosis, hemosiderosis, and siderosis.
sensory overload a condition in which an individual receives an excessive or intolerable amount of sensory stimuli, as in a busy hospital or clinic or an intensive care unit; the effects of sensory overload are similar to those of sensory deprivation, including confusion and hallucination.
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To exceed the capacity of a cell, physiological process, organism, or system, causing it to fail. overload

circulatory overload

Volume overload.

fluid overload

Volume overload.

iron overload

Organ failure caused by excessive accumulation of iron in the body, usually from frequent transfusions or hemochromatosis.

pressure overload

Demand placed on muscle, esp. heart muscle, in response to high blood pressure or stenotic valves. Over time pressure overload results in cardiac hypertrophy and, eventually, heart failure.

sensory overload

A condition in which sensory stimuli are received at an excessive rate or intensity. Sensory overload can produce increases in heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, confusion, anxiety, mental distress, and/or erratic behavior.

stress overload

Excessive amounts and types of demands that require action.

volume overload

An excess of blood or body fluids in the circulation or extracellular tissues. It is usually caused by transfusions or excessive fluid infusions that increase the venous pressure, esp. in patients with heart disease, and it can result in heart failure, pulmonary edema, and cyanosis.
Synonym: circulatory overload; fluid overload; hypervolemia
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You can get the All-in Overload pizza as part of the Overloaded Trio exclusive delivery offer.
The lawmaker further brought up the overloaded minibus bound for Ilocos Sur that fell into a 100-feet ravine in Nueva Ecija and claimed over 30 lives in April last year; and the October 2017 road mishap in Cagayan where five people were killed, while 29 others were injured when a passenger van figured in a crash due to overloading and over-speeding.
An inspection carried out by Durham County Council trading standards officers discovered that the vehicle was overloaded on its rear axle by 500kg (16.7%) and by 900kg (17.1%) on the gross weight.
After four weeks of herbal treatment (250mg/kg) there was a significant decrease in iron concentration in the serum and organs as compared with iron overloaded untreated with herb group.
The adaptor was also overloaded which is believed to have contributed to the cause of the fire.
Kampala, Rabi'II 10, 1433, Mar 3, 2012, SPA -- About 60 people are feared dead after an overloaded boat capsized in stormy waters on Lake Victoria, the area's police chief told dpa Saturday.
If the FDA accepts the recommendation of ODAC, the approval will permit the treatment of iron overloaded patients who have failed under current therapy to be treated with Ferriprox, ApoPharma said.
James Hanlon was hit with a pounds 372 fine after pleading guilty to driving a vehicle that was dangerously overloaded.
Colonel Hassan Al Jeeda, who heads the Traffic Section at the RAK Traffic and Licensing Department, said police officers use their own judgment to decide if a truck is overloaded.
Angela Watkins, prosecuting for the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency, said that the vehicle was stopped for a check off the M6 at Perry Barr, and the truck was found to be overloaded with metal components by 1,130 kilos - the equivalent of 9.2 per cent.