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an excess over what is normal or needed.
iron overload an excess of iron in the body; see hemochromatosis, hemosiderosis, and siderosis.
sensory overload a condition in which an individual receives an excessive or intolerable amount of sensory stimuli, as in a busy hospital or clinic or an intensive care unit; the effects of sensory overload are similar to those of sensory deprivation, including confusion and hallucination.
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To exceed the capacity of a cell, physiological process, organism, or system, causing it to fail. overload

circulatory overload

Volume overload.

fluid overload

Volume overload.

iron overload

Organ failure caused by excessive accumulation of iron in the body, usually from frequent transfusions or hemochromatosis.

pressure overload

Demand placed on muscle, esp. heart muscle, in response to high blood pressure or stenotic valves. Over time pressure overload results in cardiac hypertrophy and, eventually, heart failure.

sensory overload

A condition in which sensory stimuli are received at an excessive rate or intensity. Sensory overload can produce increases in heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, confusion, anxiety, mental distress, and/or erratic behavior.

stress overload

Excessive amounts and types of demands that require action.

volume overload

An excess of blood or body fluids in the circulation or extracellular tissues. It is usually caused by transfusions or excessive fluid infusions that increase the venous pressure, esp. in patients with heart disease, and it can result in heart failure, pulmonary edema, and cyanosis.
Synonym: circulatory overload; fluid overload; hypervolemia
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I, therefore, anticipated that in an organizational environment, social influence (which is the extent to which employees perceive that important others, e.g., coworkers and supervisors, believe that employees should use cell phones) will be a stressor in addition to information overload. I expected that social influence would weaken the negative effect of usefulness on the relationship between information overload and negative emotion.
The second finding reported in the study by Soltanpour et al, (12) was the association between the human hemochromatosis protein (HFE) gene related mutations and iron overload in patients with TDT.
To confirm the efficacy of bone marrow iron overload mouse model, the LIP levels of the BMMNC were evaluated.
University students may be unable to take decision in this situation because they are doing research work that further expands information overload.
One of the oldest and highly revered systems of progressive overload is to assign weight loads based upon percentages of repetition maxes (either true 1 RM's, or estimations extrapolated from the performance of multiple reps with a predetermined weight).
He describes part of a recent dilemma posed by a client was the need to get through the overload with several product messages to ensure a new product was used correctly and performed exceptionally.
The M998-, M1038- and M1037-series HMMWVs are easy to overload. The addition of the camouflage rack would overload them, so an NSN is not available.
A method now exists to verify proper tire contact pressure and overload criteria for steering axle tires and four tired axles.
A wide range of torque limiting couplings, designed to protect all types of machinery from overload, is available from Motor Technology of Stockport.
This overload can damage the liver, pancreas, and heart.
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of aging on skeletal inflammatory cytokine factors related to muscle regeneration after overload in young (5M).