overhanging restoration

o·ver·hang·ing res·to·ra·tion

a restoration with excessive material at the junction of the restoration margin and the tooth.

o·ver·hang·ing res·tor·a·tion

(ōvĕr-hang-ing restŏr-āshŭn)
Restoration with excessive material at junction of restoration margin and tooth.
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A breach in these defense mechanisms by abrasions, poor oral hygiene, extraction socket, periodontal disease, pulpal exposure, or overhanging restoration may lead to oral TB.
Primary caries Secondary caries Bulk fracture Marginal failure/ditching Dislodged restoration Cervical abrasion Others - attrition, overhanging restoration, frac- tured cusp/s etc.
It is generally accepted that overhanging restorations contribute to gingival inflammation due to their retentive capacity for dental plaque.