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n feeding behavior in which infants and children are given more food than they can optimally digest. Not as common in breastfed infants, because a mother's milk production is limited naturally.


provision of more feed than necessary. Results in obesity, interference with normal parturition, fat cow syndrome, pregnancy toxemia in ewes, laminitis in ponies, diarrhea in puppies and kittens.

Patient discussion about overfeeding

Q. How can I prevent my baby developing Overweight? He’s gaining a lot of weight since birth, too much as the Dr. said…how can I prevent it?

A. Here is couple of advices about overweight in infants I found useful when my baby was 6 months old. It’s not full but it’s still very helpful and effective.

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Overfeeding in which the amount of food was proportional to animal body weight led to higher body weight gain in Landes geese (1,419.
There are significant misconceptions being passed down through the generations which can lead to serious nutritional problems, such as overfeeding and the early introduction of cow's milk and food.
In the twin overfeeding studies, the overfed subjects lost 82% of the gained weight within four months by eating carefully and exercising.
The results indicate that infant overfeeding is a potentialfactor in adult obesity.
After taking advice from charities, the council will also put in place information boards by April to stop people overfeeding the birds.
Little information is available concerning the mechanism of how fatty liver is induced by overfeeding dietary carbohydrate in palmipedes.
Their findings, in a joint project with North Dakota State University, followed tests on adolescent sheep which found overfeeding and undernourishment led to smaller newborns.
But, the previous charts have skewed infant nutrition towards overfeeding for decades, according to Bert Koletzko, who heads a major European programme, Earnest, which is set up to investigate the effects of infant nutrition on obesity in adult life.
Some doctors now believe extreme cases of overfeeding a young child should be seen as a form of abuse or neglect.
Overfeeding can lead to fatty tumours, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, liver failure and skin problems.
As with humans, the increase in the numbers of paunchy pets is blamed mainly on overfeeding, lack of exercise and poor diet.
KOHALA, HAWAII -- Simple overfeeding is one of the most common reasons that babies spit up so much that they are brought to the doctor, Dr.