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n feeding behavior in which infants and children are given more food than they can optimally digest. Not as common in breastfed infants, because a mother's milk production is limited naturally.


provision of more feed than necessary. Results in obesity, interference with normal parturition, fat cow syndrome, pregnancy toxemia in ewes, laminitis in ponies, diarrhea in puppies and kittens.

Patient discussion about overfeeding

Q. How can I prevent my baby developing Overweight? He’s gaining a lot of weight since birth, too much as the Dr. said…how can I prevent it?

A. Here is couple of advices about overweight in infants I found useful when my baby was 6 months old. It’s not full but it’s still very helpful and effective.

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5 min after the first overfeeding meal, the initial 5 ml of blood sampled from the wing vein was collected on EDTA (0.
Machines of higher screw diameters - from 150 mm onwards - are fed with slabs 600-1,000 mm wide, whereas smaller sized extruders (90 or 120 mm screw diameter) require narrower slabs in order to avoid any overfeeding.
In the meantime, we are implementing a number of schemes to deter overfeeding and to repair the damage caused by the increasing numbers of birds.
We wanted to challenge these individuals with overfeeding while they were still young and healthy, without any metabolic impairments.
ABSTRACT : The aim of our study was to research the effect of overfeeding on plasma parameters and mRNA expression of genes associated with hepatic lipogenesis in the Sichuan white goose and Landes goose.
MOTHERS may be creating a health time bomb by overfeeding their babies because recommendations on infant growth are wrong, say experts.
Overfeeding dogs and cats has led to a worrying weight rise amongst our pets.
Modular gravimetric units reportedly pay for themselves in material savings (from not overfeeding expensive additives) and reduced labor and time expended on calibration.
MOTHERS of small babies should not panic into overfeeding their children, experts have warned.
Errors such as the wrong concentration of formula, or changing brands and the timing of feeds can lead to overfeeding or undernourishment.
And as with humans, the increase in the numbers of paunchy pets is being blamed mainly on overfeeding, lack of exercise and poor diet, according to the study.
But Alice, who was accused of overfeeding her, fought through the courts and eventually Lisa was placed under a supervision order.