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adj 1. the situation occurring when a prosthetic appliance is inadvertently constructed in such a way that part of the oral mucosa is injured by the appliance.
adj 2. pertaining to an extrusion beyond the apical opening into the periapical area. May be with instrumentation, medication, or root canal filling.
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Its world-class companies sustain export growth, while its own economy remains inefficient, overextended, and weak.
When the prices of telecommunication shares collapsed in 2000, they suddenly realized they were overextended and began running in the opposite direction, i.
Until mid-1942, the war news was nearly all bad, and a significant number of Americans thought an overextended U.
A quick review of financial statements by a trained eye can help detect slow collections, poor financial management, overextended accounts payable or other warning signs, early.
Overextended distribution for its Katadhin Ales forced a retrenchment and refocus on the Maine market.
Low capital requirements are important because high or unexpected capital requirements can strain cash flow and cause companies to become overextended.
The vast and rich material of these stories is not so much unmanageable as overmanaged, resulting in a work that is both overextended and too tightly restrained.
In March, it was revealed that loans to the troubled real estate sector had overextended Thailand's financial institutions.
While it is true that upon close examination the story reveals a measure of psychological overdetermination (it's full of sibling rivalry, fetishistic behavior, and various lacks) and while it may also be read as a contemporary narrative about identity, gender, the dysfunctional family, and the universal quest for recognition, it is perhaps most striking that in this age of overextended discourse, of reading and rereadings, the tale remains intact.
But the savvy developer makes sure the company he selects has the right people on site - experienced in the field, able to sell effectively, and not overextended.
overextended the capacity of staff to handle critical cases in a timely and efficient manner.
The film feels overextended even at just over 90 minutes; it would have worked much better tightened into a miniature, a la See the Sea.